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While conflicts and crises will always dominate the headlines and nightly news reports, much of the world has a less dramatic but equally compelling story to tell. It is about expanding trade relationships, building infrastructure, removing barriers, and preparing for full participation in the global economy. It is also about highlighting political and social development so that the world may witness the positive changes as they happen.

Universal News special reports cover the spectrum of national and regional economic trends, analyzing key industries and identifying areas of opportunity.


Universal News reports provide a welcome alternative: thoughtful and thorough first-hand reporting and analysis. No recycled stories, newswire items or press office boilerplate. Rather, our teams use their exceptional market access to deliver accurate, detailed portraits of nations and their peoples…
to an elite audience.

Careful research and customized writing result in reports that are not merely news vehicles, but also valuable decision-making tools.

Our reports offer:

- A unique window into individual countries and regions, and their economies.

- An opportunity to place national accomplishments on North America’s agenda.

- An outlet for political and business leaders to share goals and outline future plans to an influential American audience.

- Credible coverage on issues of importance to top executives and policy-makers in the United States.

- A chance to raise investor interest in ongoing and upcoming projects and trade opportunities.