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For nearly 40 years, Foreign Policy has delivered thought-provoking, highly reliable and award winning editorial content on international politics and global affairs to a highly influential group of professionals, policymakers and corporate leaders.

The bi-monthly publication offers profound analysis and insightful content giving a deeper understanding of complex debates on international politics, economics, national security and culture to satisfy very demanding readers who seek the clarity and reliance needed to comprehend the numerous expert opinions and ideas.

Foreign policy is an essential modern guide to global politics, economics and ideas that is read by leaders such as the President Barack Obama himself: "He [Barack Obama] will read Foreign Policy magazine, a treatise on economics and Sports Illustrated" (David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to the President, on President Obama)

  Online Readers: 1,000,000 / month
  Page Views: 5,000,000 / month
  Daily Email Alert: 300,000 opt-in Subscribers
  Print Circulation: 108,479
  Print readership: 509,851



Foreign Policy is an established magazine and three-time winner of the National Magazine Award for "General Excellence" (in 2003, 2007 and 2009). With 80% online exclusive content that is read by nearly 1,000,000 unique readers. 105,737 additional copies are read across North America by over 200,000 people, 8,427 of which are influential leaders on Capitol Hill and the White House.

Online viewers and main competitors have voted Foreign Policy's global news coverage as the most credible and ranks fourth most current (Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders Survey, 08-09). In 2009 the online traffic doubled and page views quintupled, with over 300,000 opt-in subscribers to the daily Moring alert "FP Morning Brief"

While 42% of visitors are "Influential", 60% of print readers are defined as such (Roper in the March 2009 intercept study and November 2009 reader survey) as the Foreign Policy readership comprises important figureheads on Capitol hill, in the White House (President Barack Obama is amongst its readers) at the Department of Defence, and the Department of State.