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In this era of globalization, timely and accurate information is a prime resource. Universal News strives to deliver just that.

We are an independent media agency with exceptional market access, specializing in the objective and incisive analysis of states and nations delivered in the form of accurate, detailed portraits of nations and their peoples.

With over a decade of experience and more than 200 country reports published covering countries across six continents, at Universal News we can say that we have fine-tuned our product to the highest caliber. Our work has served our clients as an excellent vehicle to carry their vision of international business to a sophisticated and influential audience. For more information on our partnership with U.S. News & World Report and to view our past reports, please visit

In 2009, Universal News entered into a special distribution network agreement with the award-winning newsmagazine Foreign Policy, thus affording you the opportunity for extensive exposure through one of the U.S.'s most highly regarded media.

The Universal News special reports offer in-depth, balanced, and compelling coverage of established and emerging markets and regional trends. Through extensive research and exclusive interviews with top international business and political leaders, Universal News turns the spotlight on a country's economy and current affairs.

Through these special reports, you can present to Foreign Policy readers your take on the socio-economic realities of your country. Namely, you can make your voice heard where people are listening.


Careful research and unbiased writing result in reports that are not merely news vehicles, but also valuable decision-making tools.

-An opportunity to place national accomplishments on North America's agenda.

-An outlet for political and business leaders to share goals and outline future plans to an influential American audience.

-Credible coverage on issues of importance to top executives and policy-makers in the U.S.

-A chance to raise investor interest in ongoing and upcoming projects and trade opportunities.
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